natural wax




is a rich natural wax that quickly brightens and increases the stone surfaces gloss finishes. It is designed for enhancing the appearance and protection of various surfaces, particularly those with dark or black finishes.

Is a specialized product used for the care, maintenance, and enhancement of natural and engineered stone surfaces. Formulated to protect and enhance the beauty of various stone materials, including marble, granite, limestone, slate, quartz, and other similar surfaces. It is commonly used in homes, commercial spaces, and monuments to maintain the natural luster and appearance of these valuable materials.

Key features and benefits of stone wax:

  1. Protection: creates a protective barrier on the surface of the stone, guarding it against stains, water spots, and etc.
  2. Enhancement: enhance the color and depth of the stone, making it look more vibrant and visually appealing.
  3. Restoration: restore the shine and luster of dull or worn stone surfaces, giving them a rejuvenated look.
  4. Long-lasting: when applied properly and maintained, provide long-lasting protection and beauty to stone surfaces.
  5. Versatility: can be used on a wide range of stone materials, making it a versatile solution for various applications.


  • On all polished surfaces and natural stones like Marble, Granite, Limestone, Agglomerate
  • Effective for tabletops, vanity counter-tops and walls


Not recommended for use on floors as it may create a slippery surface.

Important: Test on small area before actual application


SIZE: 500ml