LIFT OFF (5Liters)



is an effective blended solvent-based liquid,  designed to effectively remove oil-based stains and grease from various surfaces. Lift Off  is formulated to target and break down oils, hydraulic oil, moto engine oil. Also dissolves deep-set stains and removes heavy grease buildup, and other similar substances.


FOR USE: – Granite – Porcelain Tiles – and other stone & tiles surfaces.

  • Effective blended solvent-based liquid formulated to remove oil-based stains and grease from various surfaces.
  • Dissolves deep-set stains and removes heavy grease buildup.
  • Removal of deep-set oil/grease and stubborn stains.

SIZE:  5 Liters


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METHOD OF APPLICATION:  Read entire label before using.  TEST A SMALL AREA, according to application instruction to determine desired results.


  1. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop the floor surface.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of LIFT-OFF to a small manageable or affected area
  3. Apply the solution onto the surface, allow to dwell 1 to 2 minutes and scrub surfaces with nylon bristle brush or pads
  4. Wipe up residue with clean, absorbent white cotton towels or sponge
  5. Wash/Rinse the surface with Floor Medics Neutral Cleaner to remove any remaining residue.

LIMITATIONS: Do not allow sealer to come in contact with any non recommended surface

COVERAGE: Depending on the condition of floors treated, approximately 75 to 200 sq ft. (7m2 to 20m2)  per 5 L.



Weight 5100 g



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